Discover Why Some People Become An Influencer In Their Industry 
In A Very Short Space Of Time
Taught By People Who Have Worked With Over 300,000 Entrepreneurs
Cornelis Boertjens: Founder of Catchi
"During the period I saw my business grow from three to ten staff and revenue 
increase three-fold."
About "I.M.P.A.C.T" The Influencer Course
If you are well known, well thought of by others, at the top of your game and people in your industry look to you. You are an influencer. The true benefit is not that you are recognised, rewarded, awarded, but this simply has one one outcome for you: Prosperity | Freedom | Purpose.
If you don't LOVE everyday of your business life, then chances are you are focussing on doing all the wrong things right. I.M.P.A.C.T will change that... result... more joy!
Here is our promise for you:
The I.M.P.A.C.T course will improve your influence in your industry and with your clients and prospects tremendously. It's easy to use, makes sense, in fact will save you time and energy you are most likely putting into the wrong things that that are keeping you stuck.
You will THRIVE from this course
"Blown Away with Insights"
Tarryn-Lee Kearney
"The Real Deal"
Dustin Mathews
"Mike is a 'Bentley'"
Mariette Visser
Letter From The Creators
Do You Want To Learn How To Make Your Mark?
The Acronym of I.M.P.A.C.T stands for Influence, Meaning, Persuade, Accelerate, Cultivate and Trust. These are the six most important aspects you need to get to the top of your industry fast. You will make more money, have a better time and enjoy every moment. 

Look at the matrix below and you will see that each of the six modules, delivered to you over six weeks complete with a workbook, key pieces of research and quality questions, will focus you on what you need to check off. 

Let me ask you a question. On a scale of  1 -10, how good is your brand and personal story, your current powerbase and the amount of media attention you receive.

Give your self a green light if it's 7+, an Yellow light is it's 5 or 6 and a Red light if it's less than 5. Optimally you want to be all green, and if you are, you don't need this course, you need something like our Platinum Mastermind or to become a Circle of Excellence member if your application was approved. If you have red and yellow present, then quite frankly you should buy this course. If you simply do what it is the course you will substantially improve your influence and impact.
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